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Savolit Plus Woodwool Boards

Savolit Plus is the result of continuous research and the desire to provide the best environmentally friendly products and solutions. Savolit Plus wood wool boards are genuine natural panels and consist of long, strong wood fibres which are mineralised and bonded into panels. The raw timber originates from sustainably managed forests and is PEFC labelled. From production, installation, lifespan and decomposition (recycling) Savolit Plus panels do not pose a risk to the environment. Savolit Plus wood wool boards are 100% recyclable.

Why choose Savolit Plus

  • Higher resistance to moisture and frost
  • Higher flexural strength
  • Higher compressive strength
  • Low environmental impact
  • PEFC certified timber from sustainably managed forests
  • Wide range of panel sizes and thickness

Savolit Plus Applications

  • External cladding of timber frame walls
  • Internal lining of timber frame walls
  • Base Board for plastered ceilings and walls
  • Internal partition walls
  • Carrier board for render

Please visit the Savolit Plus product page for more information.