Savolit Wood Wool Boards

The composition and performance of Savolit boards makes them ideal for many different applications in building construction with their surface providing an excellent mechanical key for direct plastering or rendering. Manufactured in accordance with European Standard EN 13168.


  • External cladding of timber frame walls
  • Internal lining of timber frame walls
  • Base Board for plastered ceilings and walls
  • Internal partition walls
  • Carrier board for render


Savolit wood wool boards consist of long wood fibres, stabilised by chemical impregnation and bound by cement-binding agent into a compact coherent structure. The mineralisation process strongly increases the fire resistance of wood wool. The composition and performance of the boards make them ideal for many different applications in building constructions. Produced in accordance to standard EN 13168 (FIW München).

Savolit boards are manufactured from 100% FSC certified wood. FSC logo


SAVOLIT 15 25 35 50 75
Board size 2000 × 500mm = 1m²
Board thickness (mm) 15 25 35 50 75
Average specific mass (kg/m²) 8.5 11.5 14.5 19.5 28.0
Pallet quantity (m²) 110 80 60 40 28

Ecological & health aspects

  • Many sustainable benefits
  • Boards are made of natural materials
  • No waste disposal problem
  • Ideal for buildings comfortable for people sensitive to allergies
  • Recommended for healthy living environments
  • No harmful gases or vapours given off
  • No toxic fumes if burned
  • Diffusion permeable
  • Hygroscopic - levels out humidity level changes
  • Naturally resistant to fungus and insects

Technical advantages

  • Durable
  • Non flammable and self extinguishing
  • Thermally insulating
  • Compatible with all normal construction materials
  • High compression resistance and flexural strength
  • Stable
  • Surface offers good mechanical key for renders and plasters
  • Sound absorbing and noise insulating
  • Vapour permeable
  • Easy and safe to handle, cut and work
  • Proven performance in over 80 years in all climates

Technical Data

Property Designation Units Data Standard
Board thickness d mm 15 25 35 50 75  
Board length l mm 2000  
Board width b mm 500  
Declared thermal conductivity ?D W/mK 0.074  
Declared thermal resistance RD m²K/W 0.20 0.30 0.45 0.65 1.00 EN 13168
Bending strength sb kPa 600 400 300 250 200 EN 12089, A
Compressive strength at 10% deformation s10 kPa = 30 EN 826
Tensile strength perpendicular to faces smt kPa = 15 EN 1607
Diffusion resistance coefficient µ - 3 - 5 EN 12086
Fire rating     B - s1, d0 EN 13501-1

Dimension tolerances: Slight differences from format cannot be excluded due to the organic nature of wood.

Final shrinkage in a standard temperature 23°C and 50% humidity of ± 3 %

Tolerances according to EN 13168: Length +3 /–5mm; width ±3mm; thickness ±3mm.

Store panels in a dry, level place, not directly on the ground and protect from moisture and dust. The packing provided does not provide protection from rain!

Do not stack more than two pallets on top of each other.


Frame Wall & Ceiling Constructions

Savolit Installation Frame Wall and Ceiling
  1. Interior plaster glass fibre mesh
  2. SAVOLIT board 25 or 35 mm
  3. Plasterboard (alternative)
  4. Vapour check
  5. Frame construction and insulation
  6. SAVOLIT board 50 mm
  7. Sheathing board
  8. Battens (vent cavity)
  9. SAVOLIT board 25 or 35 mm
  10. Exterior render with glass fibre mesh

Interior wall and ceiling applications

Savolit Installation Interior Wall and Ceiling



SAVOLIT wood wool boards are installed in a broken bond pattern and fastened to timber structures with wood screws and washers positioned as shown in the following diagrams.

Savolit Installation

Savolit Installation

Edge Bonding

Savolit Installation Edge Bonding

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