About Troldtekt Plus

The Troldtekt series’ two-layer acoustic panel, Troldtekt Plus, consists of a classic Troldtekt panel with a backing layer of sealed mineral wool.

  • Enhanced acoustic values
  • Quicker installation times
  • Ideal for Floating Acoustic Cloud


Troldtekt Plus



Troldtekt Plus Properties

  • Good acoustics
  • Healthy indoor climate
  • Documented sustainability
  • Effective fire protection
  • Natural strength
  • Flexible design solutions
Troldtekt Plus at Manchester Art School





Troldtekt Plus

The backing layer is cut to size and set back from the edges of the panel so that it fits between profiles or wood battens. Troldtekt Plus enables the acoustic ceiling and backing layer to be installed in one and the same workflow, saving construction time. Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels are ideal for the refurbishment of existing ceilings and for suspended and floating accoustic clouds.

The Troldtekt Plus solution saves space and, with dimensions down to 47 mm thick, you can achieve almost the same sound absorption properties as with a suspended Troldtekt ceiling and a separate layer of mineral wool.

With Troldtekt Plus, you can achieve almost the same sound absorption values as with a Classic suspended Troldtekt ceiling with mineral wool behind but with a lower fitting height.



Troldtekt Plus is available with one 18 mm or 40 mm layer of mineral wool on the back:

Width (mm) 600
Length (mm) 600 / 1200 / 2400
Thickness (mm) 43
Weight (kg/m2) - Fine 11.0 13.3 12.5 14.8
Weight (kg/m2) - Ultrafine 11.9 14.6 13.4 16.1
Weight (kg/m2) - Extreme Fine 13.0 15.5 14.5 17.0


Easy-to-install new acoustic ceiling

Problems with noise and poor acoustics can be solved with a new acoustic ceiling. However, most people are daunted by the thought of having to remove the existing ceiling – a comprehensive process which causes inconvenience and generates dust. But this can be avoided.

You install Troldtekt Plus directly on wooden battens fitted to the existing ceiling and this saves you the trouble of removing the old ceiling. Drop sheets and a rolling scaffold are all that is required and the refurbishment can be completed in just a few days.

Removable ceilings

Troldtekt Plus is also the ideal solution for removable ceilings where workmen may require later access to installations above the ceiling. In profile systems such as Troldtekt T35 for concealed or exposed fitting, you just tilt up the acoustic panel to inspect and maintain installations above the ceiling.

The back of the mineral wool is covered with non-woven material and glued to the back of the Troldtekt panels, so workmen completely avoid contact with mineral wool fibres.


Troldtekt Floating Ceiling

Floating acoustic clouds

Floating acoustic clouds using Troldtekt or Troldtekt Plus are an ideal solution if it is not possible to fit Troldtekt acoustic panels to the entire ceiling surface.

Simply install Troldtekt or Troldtekt Plus panels using the C60 profile system and terminate the clouds with Troldtekt aluminium edge profiles.

This creates an easy and elegant acoustics solution for defined areas.